Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Addresses 'Biggest Controversy' In Film History

It's been 22 years since Titanic hit theaters and moviegoers had to watch Jack Dawson freeze to death even though he could have totally fit on that door with Rose Rose DeWitt Bukater. Despite the decades that have passed since the film was released, fans are still mad about what went down with Jack at the end.

While some people involved with the film have commented on the controversial scene, Leonardo DiCaprio has managed to avoid discussing the topic. Well, in public, at least. Fingers crossed he and co-star Kate Winslet frequently text about the door incident. That all changed, though, when DiCaprio sat down for an interview with his Once Upon A Time In Hollywood co-stars Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie.

During the interview, DiCaprio was asked to address the "biggest controversy in modern cinema" and reveal whether or not believes Jack have "have fit on that door at the end Titanic?" Robbie, who was only 7-years-old when Titanic was released, said she's thought about this question a lot over the years. “Oh my gosh, I thought it. I remember bawling my eyes out when I was a girl,” she said. “That is the biggest controversy in modern cinema,”

DiCaprio, through a chuckle, had shorter response. “I have no comment," he says. Pitt begins to tease him, though, asking “Could you, could you have squeezed in there? You could’ve, couldn’t you?” he asks with a big smile.“No comment,” DiCaprio repeated.

“Did you mention it at the time? Were you like, should we make the door smaller–,” Robbie asked, also trying to get an answer out of her co-star. “Like I said, I have no comment,” DiCaprio replied with a smile.

Try to watch the interview clip without straight up LOLing:


What do you think - could Jack have fit on that door? Or do you have no comment, as well?

Photo: 20th Century Fox


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