Finally! Science Figures Out Why Women Are Always Cold

Ill young woman drinking tea in bed at home

You know those women in the office who are always shivering while running a space heater under their desks while their male coworkers are nice and warm? If you’re one of them, you’ll be happy to know science has your back. These are some scientific reasons that women are always freezing.

  • Women have higher core body temperatures than men- This one sounds kind of backwards, but stay with us.One studyfound that women’s body temperatures were consistently higher than their male counterparts. And while we think that would make women warmer, it turns out, when your body is used to being warm, cold air feels even cooler.
  • Women on birth control have even higher core body temperatures- So the above goes double if you’re using hormonal birth control.
  • Women have colder extremities than men- Ladies, are your hands and feet always freezing? According to onestudy, women’s hands and feet are colder than men’s by a few degrees.
  • Women have slower metabolic rates than men-Researchshows men have a metabolic rate that’s about 23% higher than women’s. Your metabolism is the rate at which you burn food to fuel the body and as a result of that process, your body heats up. So women’s bodies are colder than men’s because our metabolisms are slower - and that’s also the reason we can gain weight eating fewer calories.
  • Building temperatures are set based on male metabolic rates- If you’re office is always too cold for your comfort, it’s probably because most workplace thermostats are set based on a model from back in the 1960s, which only takesmale metabolic ratesinto account.


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