Bobby Finally Revealed The Valentine's Day Surprise For His Girlfriend

Bobby Valentine's Day Surprise

Bobby Bones is in a new-ish relationship. He announced last week that he has a girlfriend, but shared recently that they've known each other since November 2019. Things have been going really well as Bones continues to reveal more details about their relationship and more intimate moments between the two of them on his Instagram.

Last weekend, Bones decided to do his Valentine's Day surprise for her a bit early. His girlfriend flew into Nashville on Thursday, and on Friday after The Bobby Bones Show, Bones surprise plans started to happen. Bones shared that he told her they were going to meet up with a bunch of friends. On the drive, he surprised her with her favorite Oklahoma City Thunder basketball player's jersey. Then revealed he also had a jersey. As they got close to the airport, Bones told her that they weren't going to meet friends, but instead flying to Oklahoma City to sit courtside at the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball game.

While at the game, they got the full VIP treatment and even ended up on the kiss cam. Bones was particularly excited about the kiss cam and admitted he was really goofy about the whole thing. After the game, he took her to see Mat Kearny's concert.

From Bones' girlfriend's Instagram posts, the show was sharing that Bones really made her happy. She was posting lots of things, one of them included the caption "my heart has exploded" and said it was "the best day of her life."