Morgan Evans Appears To Sing About Breakup With Kelsea Ballerini

Morgan Evans was performing at Australia’s CMC Rocks QLD Festival, and treated the crowd to an unreleased song, “How Long,” which featured lyrics many believe are inspired by his split from Kelsea. 

“How long have you been waiting to take our pictures down / How long have you been breaking, why am I just finding out?” he sang, “How many times did you tell me you loved me if it wasn’t true / I’m just wondering, how long has it been over for you?,” suggesting he was shocked by the divorce.

But that’s not all. He also sang, “What did you tell your parents? What do you tell yourself? / Was it something I was missing or is there someone else?, and other lyrics included “Someday I’ll be OK but right now I don’t know / You used to tell me everything and that’s what hurts the most / It would be easier if I hated you / But I still miss the person that I thought I knew.”


Source: Us Weekly

Photo Credit-Getty Images

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