Three Unusual Tips for Job Seekers

Alexa Shoen is a career coach growing a following on TikTok and it’s because her advice actually fits these unprecedented times. Here are some of Shoen’s top tips:

Look for opportunities people are sleeping on. Shoen says that despite what you hear, there are jobs to be had if you’re looking in the right place. She recommends everyone start looking “for the opportunities that people aren't paying attention to.” For example, think of the industries that actually had surprisingly great years in 2020. You’ll have a much easier time breaking into those fields right now than the ones that are struggling.

Be intentional about using social media for your career. Go against the conventional wisdom to keep your whole life online private and start using social media for career advancement. Shoen thinks that the people who are “learning out loud and publicly” are the ones who stand out. Use your feeds to show off your personality, use them for professional networking, and DM companies you want to work for even if they aren’t hiring. It establishes that you’re actually interested in joining their team and you might get a message with their next job posting before someone else.

Informal education is underrated. Shoen highly recommends “hacking your skillset.” This means skipping anywhere that requires tuition to teach you something and turning to online tutorials or extracurricular activities to be able to prove to your next interviewer that you can do something. Because in the end, being competent is the name of the game.

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