Why You Start Your Black Friday Shopping This Sunday

If you're hoping to score some Black Friday deals next week, you might need to start your shopping a little earlier than planned. 

According to an editor at the deal site RetailMeNot, this weekend might be the best time to get a deal. She says more and more retailers are kicking off their sales the Sunday before Thanksgiving and running them all week.

So if you don't want your items to sell out, it might be better to buy them BEFORE Black Friday.

As for what products will have the deepest discounts this year, here are three to be on the lookout for:

1. Electronics, especially smaller electronics like headphones and earbuds.

2. Package deals on smart home products like speakers, thermostats, and doorbells.

3. And last year's hottest toys, which were delayed by supply chain bottlenecks. Now stores just need to clear them off the shelves. 

(USA Today)

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