Money And Dating: How Much Does A Good Date Cost

Life is just more expensive these days and it seems dating is no exception. A new survey of 2-thousand U.S. adults looks into the cost of relationships and finds that the average person has gone on $3,025.12 worth of dates in the last year.

According to the survey:

  • The average American has gone on eight dates during the last six months, costing $189 each.
  • This total matches what respondents estimate a good date should cost - $196 - but one in eight think a good date night should cost at least $300.
  • Men have higher expectations, as they believe good dates cost around $220, while women say a good date costs $170, on average.
  • Two-thirds of respondents say dates have become more expensive over the last year and 37% say they’ll be going on fewer dates in the future because of the cost.
  • But the expenses don’t stop there. The average person has spent nearly $360 on gifts for their partner over the last year, and 20% have spent more than $500.
  • Men say they tend to spend a little more on their partners at $430, while women average $272.
  • And don’t think you get a pass on those presents after you’ve been a couple for a while, as 35% of those polled say they’d judge their partner for not giving them a gift for a special occasion, regardless of how long they’ve been together.
  • But dates are different, 31% believe you should spend less on dates the longer you’re with someone.
  • Nearly half (45%) say it’s fine to take someone on a “budget-friendly” date and half say they wouldn’t judge their date for taking them somewhere “cheap.”
  • For two-thirds, one of the best dates they’ve ever been on was a low-cost date like a party (21%), their home (19%), their date’s home (13%) or a movie (11%).

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