Thomas Rhett's Wife, Lauren, Is Getting Into The Perfume Business

Thomas Rhett's wife, Lauren, has developed a couple of fragrances based on what her friends say she smells like.

She tells People, “It's important for me to smell good because I'm such a hugger. I'm very touchy. I always have been. That's the first thing I notice about people, not what they're wearing, but the way they make me feel and their smell. I want people to remember how I make them feel — and scent is so tied to that.”

The scents are Daisy and the unisex fragrance Cowboy. Daisy is a warm blend of ambergris and sandalwood, while Cowboy is an outdoorsy combo of ambergris and leather.

Fifty percent of the sales will go to Love International which helps children in Uganda. 

The fragrances can be purchased online at Ranger Station

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