5 Father's Day Gifts That Won't Cost You Anything

Father's Day is on Sunday. If money is tight right now, here are five gift ideas that won't cost you anything . . .


1. Make his favorite meal. You might have to spend a little bit if you don't have the ingredients already. But it's way cheaper than going to a restaurant.


2. Watch the game with him. The NBA and NHL playoffs are going on this weekend, and the MLB season is in full swing. Even if sports aren't your thing, it's a good chance to get some bonding time in.


3. Get outdoors. If your dad is on the active side, go on a hike or shoot some hoops at the local park.


4. Help him out around the house. Yard work, cleaning out the garage or tackling that project he's been putting off forever.


5. Take a trip down memory lane. Sit down and do some old-fashioned reminiscing. Including some old family photos will make it even better.



(The Penny Hoarder)

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