Jobs Most Likely To Get A Right Swipe

We hear a lot about what we can do to boost our popularity on dating apps, from snapping a photo with a hamster to mentioning a “Game of Thrones” reference, but it turns out, what you do for a living can affect your matches, too.

According to new research from The Inner Circledating app, certain careers are more desirable to potential partners. They looked at the occupations of the 5,000 most popular men and women on their app and for both sexes, it seems working in finance is attractive. These are the five jobs that are most likely to get a right swipe, according to The Inner Circle.

Most popular professions for women:

  1. Finance
  2. Medicine/health
  3. Fashion
  4. Marketing
  5. Law

And these are the most popular professions for men:

  1. Finance
  2. Computing/tech
  3. medicine/health
  4. Consulting
  5. Real estate

Of course, it doesn’t matter what kind of work you do if your profile is boring and doesn’t show off your personality, so keep the clever bio line and cute selfie. And while you might be able to get away with faking your actual profession to land a match, it’s not a good idea and you’re better than that.




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