TMSG: Boy That Can't Be Exposed To Sun Gets Custom Tent To Play In Yard

4-year-old Brody of Griswold, Connecticut was asked what wish he wanted to come true. His only dream was that he could be able to play outside.

Brody was born premature at 27 weeks with chiari malformations, structural defects in the part of the brain that controls balance, and faces medical conditions and medications that cause him to overheat and burn easily. Because of this, he can't spend any time outside. His mother Julia told Good Morning America, "He'll get burn blisters on his face just driving him from the house to the hospital."

Make-A-Wish Connecticut heard about Brody's request to play outside and they immediately jumped into action. Debbie Artinian said the wish came in two years ago in 2017, but it's been one of the most challenging wishes they've had to put together. Artinian and her team determined that a temperature-controlled tent outside Brody's home where he could play and not be in the sun would be the best option.

After determining that, they had to find a tent that was not permanent, could withstand weather conditions, and the right material to block all UV rays. Artinian found a company based in United Kingdom that could design and make the tent. They also had to build a deck so that Brody, who will one day be in a wheelchair, could access the tent on his own.

Brody got his first look at the tent this summer at a party that featured his favorite superhero, Spider Man.

"When he walked out of the door and I saw his face, it was just everything," said Artinian. "Now when Brody says, ‘Can I go out and play,?’ his mom can say, 'Yes.'"

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