Things We’ve Learned Thanks to TikTok

The Bobby Bones Show shared things they’ve learned from TikTok in TikTok Show and Tell today! These are some of the things we’ve learned because of TikTok: 

Bobby Bones shared a reminder from @okkaykacey that if your social media is public, that employers will look up your profile and look at everything you’ve ever posted.

He also shared a life hack to replace a triple A battery to replace a double A battery.  

And he shared how to make a grilled cheese sandwich without a stove, a hack to keep pizza crispy when you reheat it in the microwave, and finally, an easy way to separate your egg yolks from the whites.  

Amy shared from a video of an amazing way to save your bacon grease pods and reuse the grease!  

Eddie shared an ‘I was todays year old when I found this out video.’ When someone tells you to “break a leg” before an audition, it’s because they hope you end up in a cast. And that a TV show pilot is called a pilot because it’s the first time it’s on air.  

Lunchbox’s TikTok is from Weather Adam from Houston. He asks his listeners what song lyrics they want him to fit in that day's weather forecast and he goes with their lyrics will giving the weather.

Morgan learned that AirPods are magnetic!  

Raymundo always uses aluminum foil to cover left over food and he learned that there are nobs on the box to keep the tube in place, so the roll doesn’t fall out of the box.  

Photo: Getty Images”  

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